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A Commitment to Personal Service

What Makes Us Different

Our investment advisory services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client, whether an individual, trust, foundation, or small business. We are here to offer you a personal approach to value investing.

While our company mission is to build client wealth by strategically investing for long-term growth, our client philosophy is based on partnership. A partnership in which your personal investment policy is developed with two important ingredients:

  • a careful understanding of your unique goals and objectives
  • focused investment management using fundamental value analysis

A Customized Investment Approach

Karpas Strategies' greatest strength is its commitment to personal service. We believe in taking the time to understand your needs - including your attitude towards risk and return as well as your income needs, capital appreciation goals, future lifestyle desires and tax concerns. By developing an in-depth understanding of each client, we tailor a portfolio that meets your specific investment goals, supported by a strategy that strikes a balance between investment opportunities and their associated risks. Our personalized approach also enables us to customize your investment policy to reflect the things that are important to you - specific investment interests such as the environment or social concerns, or sensitivity to certain industries, such as tobacco or defense.

In support of this true commitment to personal service, Karpas Strategies maintains a small client base in order to provide you with personal access to your investment manager at all times. This level of service ensures that you can work closely and directly with your portfolio manager, the person who actively nurtures your investments. And, because your needs and objectives will change from time to time, this personal attention ensures that the strategic focus of your portfolio changes accordingly.

About Our Relationship

Karpas Strategies is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality for its clients. With this in mind, we will provide you with regular, clear communication which details your portfolio's performance. On a quarterly and annual basis, Karpas Strategies provides reports which detail current account positions, individual security performance and asset allocation. In addition, Karpas Strategies will work with you to provide special reports or analysis which meet your individual needs.  Please review our Privacy Policy for further details.

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